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Hello, and welcome to The Art of Landing!

If you’ve known me for a while, then you know it’s been a while since I last blogged. Once upon a time, I regularly opined on the benefits of minimalism, decluttering, and simple living—and these topics may still make occasional appearances on The Art of Landing (they do, after all, inform my way of life)—but this new space will mostly talk about writing, living the writer’s life, self-care for writers, tips and tools to jump-start your writing and keep it going long-term, craft advice, book reviews, author interviews, and more.

Sara Rauch

Who is Sara Rauch?
For those of you who haven’t known me for a while, let me introduce myself: I’m Sara Rauch, prose writer and author of the story collection, WHAT SHINES FROM IT (forthcoming). You can head over to my About page for the full professional low-down, but here’s a quick sketch: I’ve been writing since I was a teenager, studied poetry as an undergrad at The New School, have a Master of Fine Arts in Fiction from Pacific University, and currently teach writing at Pioneer Valley Writers’ Workshop in Williamsburg, MA. I’m a mom who works from home as a freelance editor and writing coach. Reading, for me, serves as a trapdoor into new worlds, and writing helps me structure my life and days—I believe that writing and storytelling are essential aspects of being human.

Why The Art of Landing?
The Art of Landing is a term I use when talking about story endings. It came to me on an airplane trip home from Miami; as the plane began its descent, and we fastened our belts and looked forward to placing our feet on solid ground, I thought: This isn’t unlike that final stretch in a good story, when we brace ourselves for the inevitable. When the wheels hit the runway, I could feel the collective outbreath of my fellow passengers. We’d survived yet another flight. Reading a good story should feel like that at the end—everything went up into the air, and everything landed just fine, maybe, albeit in a different place. The Art of Landing also refers to the idea of “landing” in the life you choose. There is nothing more important that fully inhabiting the life you desire, and I am here to help you do just that!

What can I expect from The Art of Landing?
Anything and everything related to the craft of writing prose—how to craft a plot, structure a story, develop a “full” character, mastering dialogue, etc. I’ll also devote posts to various forms of inspiration, how and where to find and harness the juice to keep returning to the page, methods to create good habits in your writing life, and various ways to nudge yourself when writer’s block creeps in. I’ll be reviewing books on the writer’s life and interviewing authors about their work and habits. You can find a list of my favorite basic writing resources here and keep tabs on what I’m reading and recommending.

Who designed your logo?
I’m glad you asked! My amazing husband, Steve, graphic designer extraordinaire, did. He listened to my gazillion contradictory ideas about how I wanted this place to look and feel and function and is helping me rebrand the entire site (it’s always a work-in-progress). He also understands my need for huge amounts of quiet time, and always compliments my hair.

What’s your stance on writing routines?
My sun sign may be in adventurous Sagittarius, but my moon is in Pisces (dreamer here!) and my rising is Virgo. Which is to say, I LOVE routine—as long as it is flexible and fun! I write best when I write as close to daily as possible, and I prefer to write in the mornings, in bed, with a steaming cup of coffee by my side. When I’m headlong into a project, I’ll write anywhere, anytime, but for the days when it’s all heave-ho-hum, I try to stick to my routine. When I travel, or after busy periods when I’ve been away from the page for a while, I like to have a “landing day,” when I allow myself to flip through my notebooks, scan what I’ve been working on, maybe throw in a load of laundry or sit on the back steps and stare into the sun. We all need to reset sometimes, and especially when you’re returning to work after time away, it is SO good to recharge your batteries. I have a number of rituals that I use on my landing days, and on the days when I’m finding it hard to jumpstart. But we’ll talk more about all of this soon!

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