Coaching for Writers

Are you thinking about hiring a writing coach, and wondering what exactly this magical person will bring to your creative life?

Do you feel stuck on a writing project?

Have an amazing idea but no clue where to begin?

Are you new to writing with a story burning for expression inside you?

Have you been staring at the blank page for so long that you no longer know if you’re a writer?

We all know the stereotype: mysterious writers driven by passion and inspiration, knocking out bestsellers with speed, up till dawn feverishly writing, hobnobbing with the literati and never breaking a sweat. But the truth is, writing can be tough, lonely work. Even the most talented, creative, prolific writers suffer from dry spells, writer’s block, lack of inspiration, and anxiety about whether their project is worth it.

As a writer myself, I know those moments of self-doubt well! I spent over two years writing my first book and another two years trying to get it published. Throughout that time, I regularly gnashed my teeth, wondered if I should give it all up for a stable 9-5, second-guessed everything I knew about the process, and harassed everyone I know into reassuring me I would someday be recognized as the brilliant writer that I am.

Sound familiar?

I’ve been through the ruts and the euphoria. I’ve been rejected and accepted. I’ve dreamed up projects, invested energy into them, and then tossed them into the trash heap only to embark upon something a hundred times more satisfying.

And over the years, I’ve learned a few things. I’ve discovered how to trust my instinct and follow my heart. I understand which craft elements work and why. And most importantly, I know when to stick it out and when to walk away.

I’m ruthlessly devoted to the writing life, and I want to help you get to the place where your words and ideas flow.

How Can a Writing Coach Help?

A writing coach can help you establish effective habits, routines, and boundaries.

A writing coach can fill your “toolbox” with the tools necessary to write compelling prose.

A writing coach can help you combat fear, doubt, and anxiety.

A writing coach can aid you in achieving your goals in a timely fashion.

A writing coach can help provide structure—to both your life and your manuscript.

A writing coach can push you out of your comfort zone and into the fire where the magic occurs.

A writing coach can listen with the ear of a best friend, advise like an expert, and cheer you toward (and across) the finish line.

A writing coach can offer insight into what is and isn’t working in your project, and a good writing coach can also guide you toward achieving your vision, without compromising on how you tell your story.

A writing coach can support you when the going is rough, and when the going is wonderful (believe me when I say you need both!).

A writing coach can open your eyes to blind spots in your manuscript.

Hiring a coach could be the single most important thing you do for your writing!

If you’re looking for someone to inspire your creative life and hold your feet to the fire, someone who has been through rough spots and high points, someone who believes in the power of story and the value of words, someone who will support your process and ride with you over bumpy ground, you’ve come to the right place!

You can read more about my background here, take a look at my writing here, and read up on my philosophy & qualifications here.

Curious? Ready to Take the Plunge?

I am currently taking on new coaching clients, and I’d love to talk with you about your writing. We can meet in person, via Skype, or via phone call. Contact me via email to chat.