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One of my favorite things about having young kids around is how they treat every object in the house as part of some ongoing installation art piece. When it comes to their objects,

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* Summer is full upon us and the kids are now home with me full-time, and so as I write this newsletter, my week looks pretty different than usual. This is meant to

Every morning, among the handful of actions I do first upon waking is make coffee. If I cannot have coffee (bloodwork, grocery list snafu, bad hotel room) I become very anxious, but I’m

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Squeaking this month’s post out just under the wire, as April came out of the gates like whoa and has been a bit like chasing a runaway steamroller ever since. As most of

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I had a friend who loved March: he was a Gemini, and cited “the push and pull, the back and forth” nature of this month in New England—essentially, that the month had “two

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It’s officially the dregs of winter here in western Massachusetts, single digits, dark mornings, slushy snow and treacherous ice patches, the time of year when it literally feels like I need a human-size

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Though I'm nowhere near caught up to reading through my TBR pile (will I ever be? are the books multiplying like rabbits in the night?), it was a fabulous reading year for me,

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Why are we drawn to what we're drawn to? What clues to the creative process might be revealed from our obsessions? Can these obsessions yield art?Here are the opening passages from a failed

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Hello, dear blog readers! This summer feels (at least to me) like a liminal space. A bit free, a bit not quite free; busy but also quiet. Steve and I have both been