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One of my favorite things about having young kids around is how they treat every object in the

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* Summer is full upon us and the kids are now home with me full-time, and so as

Every morning, among the handful of actions I do first upon waking is make coffee. If I cannot

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Squeaking this month’s post out just under the wire, as April came out of the gates like whoa

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I had a friend who loved March: he was a Gemini, and cited “the push and pull, the

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It’s officially the dregs of winter here in western Massachusetts, single digits, dark mornings, slushy snow and treacherous

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Though I'm nowhere near caught up to reading through my TBR pile (will I ever be? are the

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Why are we drawn to what we're drawn to? What clues to the creative process might be revealed

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Hello, dear blog readers! This summer feels (at least to me) like a liminal space. A bit free,