My Great Escape

September 30, 2021 Sara 0 Comments

Last weekend, a dear writer-friend and I booked a mini-writing retreat/escape at Melville’s Arrowhead property in Pittsfield.

Arrowhead houses The Mastheads, five open-air studios with scenic views. The studios lack wifi and electricity, but they certainly don’t lack character or charm! I booked for only one day, and loved the hours of fresh air, quiet, sun, and nature. Though I wouldn’t say I was the most productive I’ve ever been, once settled in, that seemed beside the point.

I did some decent brainstorming, drafting, thinking, on my new project, but I also lounged in the doorway of Thoreau, steeping in the sun, leaning in to every slow minute.

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Needless to say, I’m looking forward to visiting the Mastheads again in 2022!